Pardes - Orchard / Garden / Paradise

P'shat: simple, literal
Remez: hint, suggestion
D'rash: insight
Sod: mystery

or: how insight into mystery leads to paradise.

pin pricks in paper, 2016


P-R-D-S: four out of twenty-two primal pictographs (Flame or Rainbow Serpent letters, woven out of the Phi spiral form and designed with a clear intention to convey the very essence of creation) from the Hebrew script, the building blocks of the Torah or first part of the Jewish Bible - the five books of Mozes.

Hebrew is one of the five main sacred languages (among Sanskrit, Greek, Latin and Classic Arabic); its individual letters, their names, graphic forms, gematria (numerical equivalents), sounds and respective positions are divinely ordained - unlike our own Western alphabet. It's an interplay of elements: sound, light, colour, matter - resonating alike. Seeing and saying coincide, supporting one another.

P-R-D-S: these four consonants are used to signify four levels of interpretation at which one can read holy scriptures. You may take things literally, or go way deeper.

woe is he who looks only at the garments?

now let's talk about modern art.