!!  s o o n  !!

sub rosa ~ ‘under the rose’ is an old Latin idiom pointing to something secret and mysterious, yet to be revealed.
so here we go!

the rose has been a great guide throughout my life and she set me on the path of the myrrhophore, the age-old and secret tradition of the myrrh bearing woman, who work with sacred oils - a small group of essential oils from the plant kingdom which have special energies and sacred properties - for the highest good of everyone. And so mycelium joined the ship as well, flowering as golden teachers and guiding me through deep inner lessons, insights, sensations and heartfelt bond with and as nature.

next to rose medicine, mycelium and the oils, I encountered several other powerfull plant medicines, tree spirits and herbal allies over the years. 
I love to share all of them with you, under the rose.
from healing balms and sacred oil blends to magical bonbon’s and herbal contraception.

in my creations for sub rosa I collaborate with a few
close friends whose hearts also leap when working with allies of nature.

~ products soon available ~

get in touch with me for inquiries and collaborations ♡