bhagavad gita

unique pinprick drawing

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description ༄
jyotisamapi tajjyotis, tamasah paramucyate, jnanam jneyam jnanagamyam, hrdi sarvasya visthitam
~ this sloka from the Bhagavad Gita (chapter 13, verse 18) speaks about your very own essence, the light of knowledge in the heart.

‘that, is the light of lights, the source, and transcends the darkness. It is knowledge, the objects of knowledge and the means of knowledge - seated in the heart of everyone and everything.

materials ༄
pinpricks in recycled khadi cotton paper, wood
︎ place her in front of a candle or window and let the light shine through ︎

dimensions  ༄
 210 x 210 mm  (framed)