receive a harmonizing healing activation in the comfort of your own space.

30 minute sessions to activate the self healing ability of your body,
release tension and restore balance & harmony ~ no matter where we both are in place and time.

I am a big fan.
And still in awe.
I experience distance healing arts as the most effective, simple and efficient method,
as it goes beyond time and space, but also safes time and space - for both of us.

I let it all happen, and intuitively blend different traditions and methods, like palm healing, Tenaga Dalam (Stille Kracht), hand mudra's, shamanic drumming, and toning (sound healing). Received in the comfort of your own home or space you feel most safe and sound.

~ are about 20 to 30 minutes long ~ depending on the moment and what wants to be released
~ the exchange is 55 euros*
~ I will send you a message just before the session and when finished.
~ would you like to make an appointment or have more questions, get in touch with me here.

⁂ You might wonder, 'but how can this work?'
Distance energywork is possible because of the fluid, dynamic nature of electromagnetic force or prana. Think about how your radio receives all these different frequencies of radio stations - you can tune in, resonate with the music, dance, sing along, turn up the volume to receive more and then switch to another channel. A phenomenon well accepted, but how magical it is? Especially when you realize you have an innate, natural ability to connect with yourself and other life forms through your 'own' energetic sensibility. We are all part of this interconnected web of life, constantly in exchange. Energy may travel over great distances, and even beyond space and time ~ something our minds cannot grasp. As the way that we experience space and time is not how space and time exist.

In ancient times, the arts of medicine were based on the understanding that human beings, as well as any other forms in and of the universe, are made of energy. Vibrating and flowing at different levels of frequency in a pattern of ascension (Earth) and descencion (Heaven), up and down, unfolding and folding in. For example, thoughts are very subtle forms of this all permeating energy, stones are very dense ones.

The Egyptians called this universal life-force sekhem, in the Orient they spoke of Chi and Ki, Paracelcus discovered Illiaster, the yogi's named it Prana or Shakti and Hawaiians worked with Ha. It is the energy that animates and gives us life, and leaves the body when we die. This energy is like water; its nature is to flow freely. When low or stagnant, when we 'feel down' for example, dis-ease may manifest. First in the subtle, energetic or mental body, later - if we are not aware of it or hold on to the obstruction - in the physical body.

What could it do for me?
Energetic bodywork (at distance or face-to-face, together or alone, as self-treatment) can help to restore the natural flow of prana through our system, so we can release, relax and return to our natural state of loving harmony and joy.

How to prepare for the session
Find a quiet, comfortable place to sink into for half an hour.
You can do the full thang and treat yourself with some nice insence, an eye cushion and calming music (like tunes from this playlist I created), but simply laying down, resting the body and being with your breath may bring great magic. Bring your attention to the internal middlepoint of your body, about 2,5 to 4 cm above the navel ~ the embodied location associated with the core star or wezenster. With a long and slow exhale you deeply 'sink' into this space. Here lies the dimension of your deeper essence, the core seed of being, of light, which exists beyond time, space, incarnation and even the concept of soul. This is where we work from, in, towards.

If your mind wanders and you notice, come back to this internal place of home and serene rest - notice the breath, and sensations in the body. The energy will do its work anyway; if you happen to be at a place where you cannot lay down or sit comfortably, just be conscious of your body and breath during the 30 min session and continue your activities mindfully.

During the session
Tingles, twitches and tremors, tears, jawning, sighs, sudden memories, visions, experiences of heat or cold, restlessness and moving limbs, smiles, orgasmic feelings, emotionals swells.. all could show up during or after a session and are signs of release and energy in motion. Or maybe none show up, and you just deeply rest and relax. All is good, and each session can be a totally different experience. For me, giving is receiving; while connecting with you I often experience these phenomena as well. So we both do the work, in collaboration.

Take your time to integrate the experience. Listen to your body. Drink warm water to help the body purify. Nourish yourself.

After the session, sometimes a few days later, you may experience contraction - a proces of turning inwards which can be a little dark. Old pain shows up, manifesting as physical symptoms, emotions, memories. This is wonderful, part of the purification process and connected to nature's rhythm of expansion and contraction. Deeply buried seeds come to the surface to be seen, acknowledged, felt and embraced, so you can let go.

Connecting with the core star, your innermost being, or wezenster, daily - maybe for only five minutes - will be of great benefit for the whole of your being. Within minutes you may feel, calm, light, recharged and joyful - like, yourself. I use these 'check-ins' regularly during the day and can greatly recommend it. With practice it will become easier. The light will grow (as energy flows where the att

ention goes), and the inner pathways towards your essence will open. This is the most sacred, significant (and simple!) part of the healing proces, of unveiling your natural state of wholeness. And as you already found your way towards this page receiving these words, your fire is burning.

Enough talking for now, let's go! In love!

* 5 is a common symbol of the human ~ it reminds us to remain in tune with the body and our humanity. Five means: change, the only certainty of existence. Prana, energy, vibration. To be like water, and move with the rhythms of life and being in the body. Transformation is knocking on the door, be ready to let go!