hasta mudra yoga

honouring our healing hands

we give, we receive, we thank and even speak with our hands, but did you know our hands are also powerful healing instruments? Ancient statues and pictures of deities, buddha's and saints, but also contemporaries like David Bowie and John lennon, all show us intricate hand gestures - not just for fun (okay, maybe a little bit). Let's unlock this wisdom and discover the magic of our healing hands.

I work with hands in many ways. I use them to draw them, or to create in dancing shapes. They pick the strings of my guitar and pen down poetry. My hands mediate subtle energy in our unseen worlds and are the best tools to model clay into objects, keen. They hit the drum, touch my lovers’ skin. I use my hands to balance the elements, within my mind and body. To elevate energy or to calm things down - holding sacred gestures, mudra. Mud- means joy, -ra is fire, light, energy's equivalent or means to give, to produce. They are simple, they are sensible, accessible - for anyone to practice.

I love to tell you more about this and bring it into form. Below a list of workshops coming soon ~ or get in touch to set one up, so I can share with you my practice.

past sessions & coming up:

𓂩 july 2022 - Roots Rising festival, De Uylenspiegel (day and time to be announced)

𓂩 december 12th 2021 - Svaha Yoga Amsterdam, downtown studio, 13:00 – 16:00 
~ for info and sign up: info@svahayoga.com or get in touch with me.

𓂩 september 3rd 2021 - Het Grote Fijne Zomerfestival - Ottermeerhoeve