journey of the like-minded

local field trips into the wild green yonder

we get back into nature and walk and talk and warmly welcome you to join. Merging soil, soul and society - composing a fertile ground for growth. Like-minded and light-minded.

join one of our upcoming field trips? Get in touch and keep an eye on the dates posted below.
Here - I explain more about The Journey.

while we walk and talk wander in the luscious green, we try to leave our environment neat, clean and cared for. Collecting rubble and rubbish as we go - removing plastic from where it does not belong. Little effort, direct result. Reciprocity.

may 28th - 2017
april 2nd - 2017
january 22 - 2017
november 27 - 2016
october 15 - 2016
august 6 - 2016
june 27 - 2016
may 13 - 2016