madalasa upadesha

unique pinprick drawing

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description ༄
śuddhosi buddhosi niraɱjano'si, saɱsāramāyā parivarjito'si, saɱsārasvapnaɱ tyaja mohanidrāɱ, maɱdālasollapamuvāca putram
~ this is the first verse of the Madalasa Upadesha, a song from the sacred Markandeya Purana sciptures, sharing the story of the saintly queen Madalasa - who sang this song about our true nature to her sons when the little ones where in tears. ‘You are pure, licht and unstained. Let the world of transience behind you and wake up from that dream.’

materials ༄
pinpricks in recycled khadi cotton paper, wood
︎ place her in front of a candle or window and let the light shine through ︎

dimensions  ༄
 210 x 210 mm  (framed)