pluk de dag

sharing tales and thoughts on local medicinal herbs and plant magic

the plantworld is an exquisite realm I continuously explore with great devotion and curiosity. By closely observing and connecting with herbs, trees, flowers and green or multi-colored beings alike I learn, I enjoy, I heal, I connect, I ground. Once you open up for their wisdom, healing qualities and guidance a seemingly whole new world enters your life. Biking through the city and passing the rose bushes, weeds and trees that adorn the street will be like meeting lots of new friends, waving at you with their leaves and smiling through their flowers. Subtle magic. Now imagine what a forest walk or gardening session would be like!

pluk de dag is an initiative to cultivate this close relationship with the natural world (which is part of us and we are part of) ~ through guided walks and other ways to connect with nature. Discovering the elements, qualities, energies and tastes through all of our senses. The proverb pluk de dag is the Dutch equivalent of seize the day or carpe diem. Gather ye rosebuds while ye may ~ an invitation to live life to the fullest, to explore the earth's garden and play!

drop me a line if you'd like to join one or organise a gathering. Here I also regularly share some knowledge and encounters with green friends.

Get in touch with me for custom tours on a date of your choice!

november 5th,  2021 ~ valerian tincture workshop (together with Sameena at MoTuin Amsterdam).
august 22nd, 2021 ~ full moon: herbs, plants and trees that embody feminine energy
june 20th, 2021 ~ vaderdag: herbs, plants and trees that embody masculine energy
june 25th, 2019 ~ calming herbs and plants that invite peace and relaxation
june 15th, 2019 ~ purifying plants and herbs

photography: Jimena Gabriella Gauna