soft messages for hard times

↳ activated images for healing spaces

love fountain
may the force of love flow freely from the very middle

the mandorla
center of the vesica piscis and symbol of the feminine principle, the divine container in which new creation begins to form and germinate ~ the coming together of opposites and healing of the split. Yoni wisdom.

the rose
she embodies the highest frequencies within the plant kingdom and is venerated in many cultures and religions throughout the ages. Roses symbolise love, grace, mysticism and the divine feminine ~ she's closely connected to Mary (Magdalene) and here to guide you on your way back home

serpent’s collision
evoking the dance of primordial energy and rebirth

an ever expanding series of unique blind embossment and chine collé prints on Fabriano etching paper, 15 x 21 and 21 x 30 cm, 2022

Available for purchase.