sri yantra

unique pinprick drawing

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description ༄
a yantra (’machine’) is a mystical tantric diagram or sacred geometric sound pattern that transmits subtle information / energy with the one who connects with it. A yantra can, like mantra, be used as an instrument in meditation, concentration and devotional practices.

the sri yantra is a geometrical image of the universe and its multiple dimensions - and therefore of our bodies; the macrocosm and the microcosm. It is a sacred shape that can guide us in understanding ourselves and the universe. See it as a pilgrimage; from the borders, the perifery, the surface, towards the unified centre.

materials ༄
pinpricks in recycled khadi cotton paper, wood
︎ place her in front of a candle or window and let the light shine through ︎

dimensions  ༄
 210 x 210 mm  (framed)