yoga sutras of patanjali

unique pinprick drawing

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description ༄
kshinna-vritti abhijatasyeva maner | grahitri grahana grahyeshu tat-stha | tat-anjanata samapattih
~ the yoga sutras of patanjali, chapter 1, verse 41: ‘just as a pure crystal reflects the forms and colors of objects placed next to her, the mind of a yogi becomes calm, clear and balanced and reaches the state in which there is no discrimination between knower, knowing and the known. This culmination of meditation is samadhi.’

materials ༄ 
pinpricks in recycled khadi cotton paper, wood
︎ place her in front of a candle or window and let the light shine through ︎

dimensions  ༄
 210 x 210 mm  (framed)