d e r v i s h   d a n c e

whirling in the eye of the storm

the moment I turned my first circle in a wide white gown,
it got me. This ancient movement meditation, practiced by the sufi’s to invite a state of divine surrender, reminds you of the stillness deep inside. That place where all movement originates. 

when residing in your center, the whirling and movement can be endless - without unsteadyness and stumbling - a metaphor of life.

I share whirling performances,
twist and turn every first Tuesday of the month at Sebastian Holzhuber’s art studio and from september ‘24 I will host a monthly whirling evening every third thursday of the month, in the East of Amsterdam at De Lange Adem. Here you can find more information.

p e r f o r m a n c e s
upcoming / past 

august 25th ‘24 ~ Museum Orientalis 
august 18th ‘24 ~ Beeldenroute Landjuweel Festival, Ruigoord
june 16th ‘24 ~ series of group performances at De Tempelhof by Ruud & Adelheid Kortekaas

(pictures: Hans Tibben & Sebastian Holzhuber)